29 November

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Transformation Program: The drive you need to begin now!

I’d love to get started… BUT… I’m just waiting for the perfect time…

Many of us wait for the “perfect time” to get started with our health, fitness and nutrition. This “all-in or nothing” thinking hardly gets us “all”. It usually gets as “nothing”. We complain about our busy work schedule, family commitments, home labour, time, right gym, shoes, gym wear etc etc and the list of excuses goes on. Tomorrow, next week..becomes Never!

There is no perfect time. There never will be. The moment you decide to leave all your imperfections aside and just hit the gym and try to get your nutrition right, that is your magic moment. That is perfect. Today, right now is your perfect moment. All you have to do is start!


So why are we talking about health, fitness and nutrition so much? Why is it so important? What difference does it really make if we don’t do any of it? Isn’t sedentary lifestyle the most convenient and happy lifestyle? Well, it sure looks like. But this convenience has its own negative consequences.Metabolic diseases like diabetes and cardiovascular diseases, backache, obesity, osteoarthritis, behavioural and hormonal problems amongst many other potential health risks.

If you are ready to change your body, your life..Body Sculptor is where you need to head. Train with the best trainers, eat right with the help of qualified sports nutritionist. This is all what you need!