22 January

BY Prashant Sawant / Workouts


Developing a home workout plan can be a daunting task especially if you have limited equipment. I have done some tweaking to my own workout routine and have come up with an adaptable series of exercises you can use to get in better shape. If done consistently, you can get a great physique with no weights to buy.

This is the first in a four part home workout plan series and I will start with the most sought after result – six pack abs. Your core muscles are fast twitch muscles so should be trained in the opposite way with slow, deliberate movements with higher reps. All of the following exercises in Part I are body weight movements so no equipment is needed.

1. Crunches

Pretty much a standard exercise done by everyone, and still a good way to start. Be aware of the biggest mistake most people make – lift your upper body towards your legs leading with your chest and getting your shoulder blades off the floor. Do NOT pull on your head with your hands.

Do 25 reps

2. Full-length Toe Touch

This is a little tough for those who are not used to doing them. Start laying flat on the floor, hands over your head and come up into a v-sit touching your toes. Your arms and legs stay straight all the way through the movement.

Do 25 reps.

3. Oblique Crunch

Start by laying on your side, knees bent slightly for stability. Concentrate on using your oblique muscles (along the side of your torso) to bring your shoulder towards your hip.

Do 60reps.

4. Side to Side V-Sit (Mason twist)

While in a v-sit position, touch the floor with both hands on your left side then on your right side. Continue doing side to side touches for 30 seconds. For beginners, try to hold your feet off the floor as long as you can when doing this. If you can’t, finish the time with your feet on the floor. As you get stronger, you will be able to keep them up the whole time. The pictures shows a weighted ball being used which is an option for those who find it too easy.

Do continuously for 60 seconds.

5. V-Sit with Leg Kick

Hold the same v-sit position as above except this time alternate straightening a leg in a kicking motion. Do not kick too hard or you will lose your balance quite easily.

Do continuously for 60 seconds.

6. V-Sit Hold

Same as above except there is no motion involved. Just sit and hold yourself in a v-sit.

Hold for 60seconds.

7. Plank

Hold your body completely straight with all of your weight on your toes and forearms as shown in the picture.

Hold for 60seconds.


Crunches 25
Full-length Toe Touch 25
Side Toe Touch 10
Side to Side hold 60s
Hold w/leg Kick 60s
Sit Hold 60s
Plank 60 s
Crunches failure
As shown in the table, you finish the home workout plan with crunches to failure.

Rest time between exercises is 30 – 60 seconds.

Do 4 – 8 sets depending on how fit you are.

Nothing says fitness more than six pack abs. It will take more than just a good home workout plan to get ripped. You need to lose the fat layer above the muscle to be able to see them.